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MyDiet™ Shapes Your Body

Por MyDiet™ -
MyDiet™ Shapes Your Body

You are probably striving to have a successful life, a beautiful family, a good job . . . but often perfection gets out of reach when it comes to our body. One of the main reasons is the lack of time. 

However, MyDiet™ is the solution to this problem. Why? Because MyDiet™ makes the process of losing weight easier for you, starting with the motivation and support you need, followed by the perfect recipes so you don’t lose time estimating calories and portions.

MyDiet™ has the experience and strength needed to offer you the best support. In 2007, MyDiet™ was recognized as the No. 1 Health Website among 1,100 nominees at the annual “ EHealthcare Leadership Awards” in Las Vegas.

With MyDiet™ you will get “face to face” support from our professional dietitians in a completely interactive program, as well as recipes tailored to your own caloric requirement, videos, exercise routines, and access to discussion forums where you can share your own experience with other members. And now, you can get all these benefits for just $2.91   per week.

MyDiet™ will lead you to your goal of having a great body, with routines you can easily incorporate into your daily life. MyDiet™ makes it easy!


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