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Steam Cooking

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Steam Cooking

In addition to developing a new and positive relationship with food, being on a diet forces you to assess your cooking methods. This can be a big change for many people, especially people who are changing from frying all foods to using healthier cooking methods such as steaming and broiling.

An excellent option is steam cooking. Steaming works by boiling water causing it to evaporate into steam; the steam then carries heat to the food, thus cooking the food. Such cooking is most often done by placing the food into a steamer. This is typically a circular container made of metal or bamboo. The steamer usually has a lid that is placed on the top of the container during cooking, to allow the steam to cook the food.  You may also use a regular pan with a cover, as long as you have something to suspend the food over the water.

Since there is no dilution in steam cooking as there is in boiling, this cooking method preserves most of the vitamins and original nutrients of the steamed food. T here has been a significant rise in the use of steam cooking, because of its known benefits in preserving food components.  

Water is usually the liquid used for steam cooking. However, the aroma and taste of foods can be enhanced by adding wine or an aromatic herb. Fish, vegetable, or beef broth can also be used for steam cooking.

Among the foods that are most commonly prepared by steam cooking are fish, seafood, and vegetables. Meats can be steamed as well.  These foods retain their texture and flavor much more when steamed versus boiled. Steamed vegetables are usually bright in color, and are much more appealing to eat than boiled foods.


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