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H1N1 Flu Self-Evaluation

H1N1 Flu Self-Evaluation

Are you or a loved one sick and worried you might have H1N1 Flu?
During flu season this year, you might have to wait a long time in a crowded waiting room before you can see your doctor or be seen in an Emergency Room. Some people with the flu need to be seen right away. Other people can often take care of themselves at home just fine. This information may help you better understand the flu and what people like you should do.

This information is not a substitute for your doctor's advice. The H1N1 Flu Self-Evaluation was developed in collaboration with the Emory University School of Medicine and is here to help you understand the flu symptoms you or your family member may be having so that you can make your own health decisions.

This information is only for individuals ages 18 and above. You can find additional information on flu and young adults or children at 

To begin the self-evaluation, click  here. 

Sorce: H1N1 Flu Self-Evaluation. FLU.GOV. Retrived on January, 2010 from 


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