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Exercise and Protein Supplements

Exercise and Protein Supplements

Q. I recently began to go to the gym and started a weight training program. Is it advisable to use a protein supplement? Thanks, Daniel. 

A.Hi Daniel! Thanks for your question. The use of a protein supplement can be a “double-edged sword”, because if it isn’t supervised by a nutrition professional, you could overdo the amount of protein your body actually needs, and this could translate into an unwanted weight gain and an overload to your kidneys, which would be hazardous to your health. A dietitian is the best person to calculate how much protein you need, based on your training level, and tell you if you can meet this requirement with your diet only or if you need a supplement. It is also important that your diet is consistent with your current physical activity level.

I hope I solved your question and wish you luck with your new exercise goals!


Annie López
Nutrition Counselor, MyDiet Team


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