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Body liquids and weight

Body liquids and weight

Q. I think I can't lose weight because I'm retaining fluids.  Should I stop drinking water?  Mincy, California

A.Hi Mincy! Our body has very specific mechanisms to maintain its hydroelectrolitical (water and electrolytes) balance. Unless you have a kidney disease, it is not likely that you are retaining fluids. Besides, keeping an adequate hydration is very important, so you shouldn't limit your water consumption. Water plays many important roles in our body: it helps to eliminate waste products, transports different substances through the blood, "cushions" our organs, among many other functions. If you are not losing weight, perhaps you should evaluate how well you are following your diet and exercise plan. If you have any further question, consult your nutrition counselor to help you design a strategy to improve your progress.

Keep it up!

Kind regards,

Ana C. López, MyDiet team


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